PlantRx Podcast from Costa Farms: Earth Day!

PlantRx Podcast from Costa Farms: Earth Day!
Love houseplants? So do we! That’s why we launched this podcast. Two of our experts — IPM Manager Michelle and Horticulturist Justin dig into the indoor plant questions you send in!
In this episode We’re doing something a little bit different!

To celebrate Earth Day, Justin and Michelle are sitting down with our Sustainability Specialist Erika to talk about what Costa Farms is doing to be more sustainable.
We cover coconut coir, new tools we’re using to help reuse resources, and a whole lot more. We of course also talk about our IPM program, where spoiler alert, Michelle gets passionate about bugs!

Be sure to check out our other episodes for more fun houseplant care tips. Do you have questions for Justin and Michelle that you’d like to hear covered on a future episode of the podcast? Drop them in the comments below!

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